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Curriculum-Focused Guides


Global Culture and Etiquette Web Resources


Arabian Business and Culture Guide


Asia Pulse’s Guide to Business Etiquette in Asia


Australian Trade Commission (AUSTrade)

Helping Australians Do Business Around the World

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Bag Lady


BBC Languages


Business and Travel Etiquette China

State of Oregon Economic & Community Development Department


Business Culture

Foster Business Library Database


Business Etiquette


Business Netiquette International


Business Protocol in Asia

Association of Asian Research


Business Strategies International (BSI)


Business Travel Etiquette


Centers for International Trade Development (CITD)

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China Business Information Center


China Business Tips


China Visitor’s Guide

The Best Way to China


Chinese Business Culture



Global Communication


Countries and their Cultures


Country Insights


CSR Directory

Resources for Promoting Global Business and Best Practices


Cultural Business Etiquette



Cultural Etiquette Around the World



Cultural Interviews with Latin American & Spanish Executives

University of Texas at Austin


Cultural Profiles Project

Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Culture Savvy


Doing Business in Europe

An Etiquette Primer for Americans

Ravenwerks Information Center


Doing Business in India: A Cultural Perspective


Europa – EU at a Glance


Europa - European Youth Portal


Europa – Traveling in Europe


Executive Planet™


FGI World


Geert Hofstede’s Web page


Getting Through Customs

Expanded Edition of Morrison and Conaway's Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands (2006, 2nd edition, Adams Media)


Global Gateway

Multilingual Resources on World Culture

Library of Congress



Michigan State University


HSBC Country Guides

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Inter-American Understanding

A Web Site Dedicated to Helping North Americans and Latin Americans Work More Successfully Together


International Addresses and Salutations


International Business Center

a not-for-profit organizations supporting global business


International Business Etiquette and Manners


International Business Etiquette Internet Sourcebook

Agri-Food Trade Service

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada




International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals (ISPEP)


International Trade

The New York Public Library

Science Technology and Business Library Research Guides

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ITIM International




Keys to Success

Business Strategies International (BSI)


Kwintessential Language and Cultural Specialists


Make an Impression: The Right Business Etiquette for China


Let’s Go


Market Watch: China



Business Etiquette, Customs, and Practice in Mexico


Mind Your Manners

Tips for business professionals visiting Germany


Protocol Professionals



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Really Useful Links for International Business Travel



Singapore Etiquette


Test Your Cultural IQ

Get Through Customs


Tips for Business Travelers

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada


Think Global

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Travel Document Systems



U.S. Department of State


Traveling in Europe



U.S. Business Culture


U.S. Department of State


When in Rome...

Free International Business Articles by G.A. Clark


World Citizens Guide



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August 14, 2007

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